Trovadores de Romagna

Trovadores de Romagna

"Trovadores de Romagna" were born in 2014 and were founded by Morris and Gabriele, two members of the re-enactment company "Mons Jovis", a group they are still part of.

Our passion for music, dances and songs from centuries ago, brought us to create this band full of happy Trovadores that can make your day.

We offer shows that can be performed in courts and squares, the music is for parades and itinerant demostrations. Our songs are from the Middle Ages and the Renaissence, from the Carmina Burana to Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro, Guillaume de Machaut, ect.


"THE NOBLEMEN": the formation is composed of a singer, a flute and a tambourine; we play songs for courts and taverns, perfect for themed dinners or stages with amplification.

" THE TROVADORES" : two bagpipe players and two-three heavy drums players, ideal for itinerant music and shows performed in squares.

"THE BRUTES": for medieval/fantasy festivals,it's composed of two bagpipe players and two heavy drums players with leather clothes and masks; we play military songs from south Germany which are ideal for stages and squares.

Ours Trovadores

Mandu (Gabriele Manduchi)

Singer , II Bagpipe

Morris (Morris Mastini)

I Bagpipe and flutes

Carrasco (Federico Martorello)


Ale (Alessandra Piras)


Luigi (Luigi Bassani)


Lay (Laura Santi)